Mayor Jose R. Dizon Photo

“Guimba is a town in harmony with the rice fields and our development resembled the green stalks of “Palay” carefully nurtured by farmers and embraced by nature. It will grow regardless of any problem that it may encounter along the way because the root is planted within the grassroot foundation.

We arrive now in the pre-harvest stage of our growth wherein progress is golden and we can see the abun- dance of grains in every stalk.In order to realize all our reasons to plant the seed of progress and all our efforts to safeguard the growth, we need to, once again, brace ourselves for the challenges of our time.

Just like tending to our “Palay” we observe for signs of problems and look for ways to cure.We come now to the crossroads of Guimba where the road leads to cityhood but a left and right turn provides an option. The right turn offers inclusive growth while the left turn promises an industrializa- tion. Being the Local Chief Executive of this municipality, I have the heart to go after the inclusive growth where all Guimbanians will temporarily benefit from it but we also need industrialization to sustain that inclusive growth.With all of that in my mind, I opted to go on the same normal path believing that the people of Guimba is behind me and offering their hands in support of our struggle to succeed.

The technological innovation of our municipality is advancing, social protection is in placed with programs to achieve Child friendly municipality and empowering PWD and the Elderly to stand on their own, we leaped big in the field of Health with our HEMO Dialysis center capability and systematical upgrading of our facilities, Our Agriculture office is closely monitoring agricultural production and working on equipping our farmers with capacity building trainings and seminars, MENRO work ing night and day protecting our environment, Roads and Bridges are being constructed under the Engineering Office, LDRRMO is laying all the groundworks toward disaster resiliency, Budget-Treasury-Accounting are closely working as a team to equitably manage our re sources and finances, MPDO is crafting progress driven land use plan, Development Councils geared to adapt with the changing times and formulating policy directions to sustain our progress with the aim of high rate of inclusive growth and lastly I give thanks and appre ciation for the undying support of the people of Guimba. Sulong sa Progreso Sulong Guimba kong Mahal!”